Calm in the Storm - Chapter 1



So, I’m trying out a new fic…have most of the chapters outlined. Just posted chapter 1. Not sure what I think. Thanks redandlizzie for the idea.

dukegirl2001, I’m glad I offered a little inspiration and I always adore your writing. Everyone, please leave feedback for one of my favorite authors. 

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a neat monster


Fandom: The Blacklist
Pairing: Raymond Reddington/Elizabeth Keen
Raiting: T
Chapters: 5/?
Disclaimer: not mine
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I would pay good money to see the latest chapter of this marvelous fic play out on screen. Very good money. This is the best characterization of Red and Liz that I have ever read. Not to mention that this chapter is the perfect realization of the palpable tension and limitless emotion that crackles between the two characters. Please leave roominthecastle feedback for this wondrous work.

Lizzington Fan Fiction Prompts Master List w/Stories


This Master List is a collection of every Lizzington fan fiction prompt so far with their accompanying fanworks.  The prompt list was compiled as a joint effort between me, redandlizzie and some great submissions by fellow Lizzington shippers.  The works included in this list were created for the expressed purpose of fulfilling the prompt.  All prompts are still open for fulfillment (the more fic the better!).  If you know of a prompt response that is published and has not been included here, please reblog with a link.  Many thanks to tiny-but-fierce27 for helping with research and formatting!

  1. Liz punches Red
Liz sees Red’s tattoos Red and Liz dance Liz wears Red’s fedora Red sees Lizzie’s thigh Red is angry and frustrated and no longer in control he holds Liz’s wrists while she tries to run and he slowly gets closer and closer until… Red and Liz are alone and their vehicle breaks down leaving them stranded. Lizzington reversed. Red is the FBI agent and Liz turns herself in to hunt Blacklisters. A story that explores Dembe’s character, preferably while also showcasing Red and Lizzie. We know the two men are close - does Dembe know why Red’s so protective of Lizzie? Either Red or Liz is in need of mouth-to-mouth CPR (forget those new standards).  Red and Liz get snowed in - a one room cabin. Red or Liz get slightly hurt but need the other to care for him/her. Liz learns the truth about the murder of Red’s family from Dembe. Red and Liz get stuck in an elevator. Red trying to redeem himself with newly Dark!Lizzie seducing him back to the dark side Red’s scars: What happens when Liz learns about Red’s scars? How does she discover them? Red and Liz pose as a married couple undercover (possible twist: They actually marry) (NEW) Why does Liz cut her hair, and how is it acknowledged by Red? (NEW)


  • Distraction (Liz wears Red’s fedora, he sees her thigh, Liz punches Red & they dance)


paulalizzyngton asked: Finish reading your FF Kiss, applause, I take my hat off and I salute you! OMG. That was perfect, perfect perfect. I like this kind of FF bc we aren't going to see such things in TB, so, thanks to you we have this. Keep on going writing please.

Thank you so much! And be hopeful… I think we will see that romance on the show.