Vlad:  Do you still have that little villa in Dubrovnik?

Red:  I do.

MIlton Bobbit, S1E17


This is a fan fic waiting to happen - Red taking Liz to his villa in Dubrovnik.

Fanfic Prompt


Sooo… everyone agrees that Red felt sick to his stomach/guilty for having to tell LIzzie to “stay the course,” and go back to Tom even though Tom’s a complete liar/stranger to her.  Red knew what all that would entail, and Lizzie speaks what we were all thinking and what Red was thinking as well when she said she didn’t “think she could touch him” or something along those lines… everyone’s thoughts: how can you go touch a man/sleep with him when he’s now the enemy or at least a stranger to you?  

Anyone want to try writing a fic regarding Red’s guilt/anger/sadness over sending Lizzie back into that hell hole?  And/or maybe his reaction after the last scene of 1.18 when Lizzie comes back to Red after having to sleep with Tom Keen a stranger?  

And btw… I think Tom wanted to sleep with Lizzie to test her… if she really didn’t trust him, he probably figured she would’ve turned him down.  So as much as that scene pained me, it may have kept her safe, at least for now.

Would love to read those awesome fics by our super talented fanbase :)



eaglechica19 this exact same scenario has been swimming around in my head all day. I may have to take this one on myself. Thank you so much for the prompt!

I think Tom was testing Liz as well, but I also think he saw her “working” on the lamp and knew exactly what he was doing which I find terribly disturbing. I’m ready to see the end of Tom Bond.

Lizzington Fanfic Prompt



So.. just putting it out there. If Red watched some of Apple Guys surveillance tapes I gotta wonder what exactly did he see. If you know what I mean. 


secret-phoenix that was my first thought as well. And if this isn’t a truly perfect fanfic challenge I don’t know what is.

Attention all Lizzington writers!

I’m in though it may take awhile.

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