belle-fitspo asked: Hey there, I'm Belle and I found The Blacklist only recently. I'm a huge James Spader fan & really want to explore the possible romantic/sexual side of Red's relationship with Lizzie. I've only seen the first 3 episodes so far, though. Can you point me to a fanfic that contains no spoilers? Thanks in advance!!! :) P.S. By the time you answer I will probably have seen a couple of episodes more, so let's say anything before S01E06 will be perfect :)

I suggest starting at the very first entry of my Lizzington fan fic blog,, and working your way forward. Those recommendations should fall in line with the progression of the show, but be warned - stories were slow at first and didn’t start picking up until episode 9 or so.

Also, the first couple of fics I wrote should be spoiler free for the most part. Direct links to those may be found on both of my blogs. Happy reading and welcome to Lizzington!

Calm in the Storm - Chapter 1



So, I’m trying out a new fic…have most of the chapters outlined. Just posted chapter 1. Not sure what I think. Thanks redandlizzie for the idea.

dukegirl2001, I’m glad I offered a little inspiration and I always adore your writing. Everyone, please leave feedback for one of my favorite authors. 

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